Vip Quotes

“David Hadley will vote against raising property taxes – he’ll protect Prop. 13.”

Jon Coupal, President
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

“If we want California back on the right track, then we need David Hadley’s leadership.”

Supervisor Don Knabe
Los Angeles County

“David Hadley is bringing Democrats and Republicans together.”

Councilman Ben Traina
City of Lomita

“David Hadley’s dignified leadership is setting the right tone.”

Councilwoman Betty Lin Peterson
City of Palos Verdes Estates
No Party Preference

“... he’s admired for his non-partisan approach to solving problems.”

Mayor Michael DiVirgilio, Ret.
City of Hermosa Beach

“David Hadley is respected by everyone who meets him.”

Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft
City of Torrance

“David Hadley cares about helping our middle class families.”

Councilwoman Velveth Schmitz
City of Rolling Hills Estates
No Party Preference

“A fiscal conservative who “has stood side-by-side with small business.”

Tom Scott, State Director
National Federation of Independent Business

“David Hadley wants parents to have more control of our local schools.”

Jennifer Cochran, Vice President
Manhattan Beach Unified School Board

“David Hadley is bright, articulate and a no nonsense leader. He has my strongest endorsement.”

Mayor Richard Riordan, Emeritus
City of Los Angeles

“David Hadley has widespread support from Democrats in our communities.”

Mayor Steve Aspel
City of Redondo Beach

“David Hadley is an independent-minded leader who will stand up for the South Bay.”

Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto, Ret.
City of Torrance

“I’m voting for David Hadley for State Assembly.”

Councilwoman Tasha Cerda
City of Gardena

“David Hadley is tough-as-nails in the fight against violent crime.”

Harriet Salarno, Chairwoman
Crime Victims United

“You have demonstrated . . . leadership to serving the small business community in your district.”

Betty Jo Toccoli, President
California Small Business Association

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